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In the independent website collection market, the only option for Chinese sellers is PayPal. If you are using Shopify to build an independent station , PayPal will also be requir to have a corporate PayPal business account, which does not support individuals. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of PayPal, we talk more thoroughly in the article ” Talking about the cross-border payment tool in the eyes of Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers-PayPal “. Among them, the feature of high fees also just matches PayPal’s exclusive status, with an initial fee rate of 4.4% for each transaction.

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Stripe independent station payment tool full record 52 PayPal will charge $35 for each cash withdrawal, whether it is a wire transfer to a bank in mainland China or a bank account in the Unit States. That’s not a good deal for some users with just a few hundr dollars in their PayPal accounts. Suppose we withdraw $100 from the PayPal balance, after ducting the $35 handling fee, only $65 is left, and Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List sometimes $10 will be duct by some intermiary bank, and finally the actual account is only $55, the cost of this withdrawal is too high. Of course, there are still ways. ” Tap&Go E-Wallet ” can solve the problem of small PayPal withdrawals. When US dollars are transferr to Hong Kong dollars, PayPal will charge a 2.5% currency conversion fee.

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Directly transferr to domestic personal bank accounts. Payoneer open Stripe independent station payment tool full record 53 Even if the handling fee is high, it doesn’t matter, the key point is that many domestic banks directly refuse to receive funds from PayPal. Some time ago, I personally visit several local bank outlets. Among them, China Merchants Bank explicitly refus and did not accept PayPal cash withdrawals (public-to-private remittances). Although it is acceptable, the limit is less EC Lists than 5,000 US dollars, and it is requir not to transfer in frequently, otherwise it may be return or requir to submit relevant certificates, and some other banks require transaction record certificates, tax clearance certificates, etc.

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