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Essential to understand the effectiveness of Drive to Store campaigns and to identify the most effective strategies to increase visits and sales in physical stores. adv online TweetShare Andrea Disanto Written by Andrea Disanto Google Ads specialist with a great knowledge of companies and the Italian and international market. Passionate about numbers and Online Marketing. after 3 years of experience with Google.

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With the desire to have more direct contact with companies. ChatSpot: AI in HubSpot GUIDO MARABINI – 14 APRIL 2023 chatspot At a time when the  africa email list use of artificial intelligence is increasingly widespread and advanced. the marketing industry is debating how companies can leverage this technology to improve productivity and work more efficiently. In this context. HubSpot recently presented two new AI-based tools: ChatSpot.ai and Content assistant . platform.

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Users can interact with the HubSpot CRM. We are not talking about a simple indiscretion. since ChatSpot was announced by HubSpot co-founder and CTO. Dharmesh Shah. directly on LinkedIn. This innovation completes a series of products already integrated with artificial intelligence tools. You might be interested in: “The main HubSpot news in 2023: here’s what changes and the advantages” The ChatSpot identity chatspot Many are wondering what ChatSpot is. in essence. This is. of course. an AI-based tool that integrates chatbot functionality directly into the HubSpot CRM. allowing you to ask questions and provide direct-language instructions through a chat. EC Lists It is clearly inspired by already proven products. such as ChatGPT – which achieved rapid diffusion with over 100 million users in just 2 months – and other tools such as DALL·E 2 and Copy.Ai. which allow you to generate quality text and images quickly and easily.

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