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Why are other platforms not recommend? You can spend a lot of time and. Energy tossing some small platforms, but after a while, you will find that the actual income generat by the orders of these small platforms is not enough to pay the wages of employees. One is that the scale of small platforms is so large, and the scale of cross-border e-commerce sellers in China is so large that those three melons and two dates are not enough. On the other hand, small platforms have high risks, such as malicious ductions, misconduct, and running away incidents It happens from time to time, go to Google to search and find out which platforms often default on their debts.

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Small platforms may not have as much traffic and orders as a large seller. Instead of avoiding small platforms as much as possible, it is better to invest time, energy and capital costs on mature and reliable platforms. How to operate. Cross-border e-commerce through Communication Directors Email Lists an  independent station? Independent station is a cross-border e-commerce business model that has become popular again in recent years. The advantage of an independent station is that you have the final say and are free enough. But the disadvantages are also obvious.

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There is no traffic and you ne to find traffic yourself

The independent station can be set up by. Registering an account through shopify, or it can be set up by. Yourself at low cost through WordPress woo commerce. In fact, I recommend the woocommerce way more , spend less money, step by step. Simplify the complexity, and get things done. Why is an independent station more difficult than a platform? Platforms like Amazon have establish  routines and rules, and there are professional product selection software like helium10 to help with product selection and management. There are many similarities between an independent station and a platform. But the reason why an independent station is more. Difficult than a platform is that everything has to be done by yourself.

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