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People who impressed me a lot and encouraged Weekly Product. Mastering Product me to get into this world and create a Luckily, the train passed for the second time and this time I did catch it. After all, they had a method and I wanted to learn it. Coincidences of life, as soon as SEO Mentoring started, my star website went to the underworld and I went from earning €500 to just over €200. So far, the biggest blow I have ever experienced. But luckily I was already in MS2 (SEO Mentoring 2) so there was no option to throw in the towel. I transformed, as best I could, all my anger into energy and looked for a way to make the most of the training. And luck was with me because it went quite well for me.

Just had to put in Weekly Product hours and hours

Thanks to SEO Mentoring I learned to find top industry data niches and position them , with everything that entails: doing good keyword research, delegating with a correct briefing, creating an external link strategy (when necessary), and a long etcetera… I just had to put in hours and hours, the talent was already provided by Dean, Dani and Roldán. Ah! And thanks to this program we managed to lift the downed website and multiply its traffic by 3. On a financial level, I finished the training at around €1,700, but without a doubt what I value most is everything I learned. This is what has allowed me to progress and double that amount today.

Something new every day

As I have told you before, for me the key EC Lists is constant training. And in this way we arrive at today, experiencing a beautiful and intense situation. I am currently about to leave my job as an engineer to launch myself into the niche. SEO world and trying to learn something new every day. It’s only been a year since. I signed up for MS2 but now I do have a less chaotic way of working and a method. That I have seen works, do you want me to tell you about it. Let’s talk about SEO Explaining my journey is very good and very nice, but this is an SEO

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