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I was only alone for a month at that time. At that time, my partner decided to continue working so that I could take care of Sribu on my own. “I was lucky because I had Wenes, a brother and a programmer, who helped me create Sribu at the time. Wenes was living in Surabaya at the time and all our discussions about Sribu were conducted via Skype.


Although it was not easy


we managed to run this virtual office operation for almost .years. Wenes and his team eventually moved to Jakarta in the mid-aughts, becoming co-founder and CTO of Sribu. Nearly any fuck and Nearly any fuck in Transition Shock “Sometimes a lot of belgian mobile number list people think that owning a business and being a boss is a good thing.


Very wrong! When I first started Sribu, I used Chinese Overseas America Number about Rs 10,000 of my own capital as a sales/customer service/social media person. In essence, the workload is quite a lot, including several parts. Because the business was still small at that time, I was sure that one person could still handle almost any operation and half of it.

The transition from professional to entrepreneur

What I felt at the time was: We didn’t have Australia Phone Number any income, because as founders with our own capital, of course we didn’t get paid. I have to use the prepared funds to pay employees’ salaries every month. Work much harder than when you were a professional. Too often the employees we hire fall short of expectations. We have to teach him to understand again. No one cares about the business being run except the founders themselves.


launching a startup was truly eye-opening. With no income, I became more frugal and spent more time at home on the weekends. There have been affiliate orders over the past few months and strategies for outlining articles and conducting on-page SEO have gradually been developed. In the near future we will try to develop in parallel with the fan page.


 . Moms Fitness Club Youtube: Moms Fitness Club Youtube fitness channel for women and moms with young children or postpartum. subsequent achievements. Within a few months, it reached nearly a thousand views, nearly a thousand hours of viewing time, and nearly a thousand subscribers. Every day it attracts an average number of views and very few subscribers.


Lessons There are many obstacles and difficulties on the road to your destination, but it’s all thanks to the habit of perseverance and repetition. As mentioned above, Mr. Hao has achieved many achievements. Hao is just an ordinary fucker who gets close to anything, and if he can do it, then of course you can too. . Nearly any action and half personal Facebook.

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