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In my opinion, at least you should be able to read most of. English fluently, about 46 in English and 5 in IELTS. On the other hand, active learning ability, cross-border entrepreneurship is different from other industries, and needs to be synchronize with the world. Usually, the latest technology and business methods are mostly from overseas. Face yourself, seek truth from facts, and don’t underestimate yourself. The distance from the develope countries in the world is not even a star. Today, the success of Shopify, China’s cheap goods have playe a very large role. of China’s cheap goods and cheap logistics on Shopify, they were like a fish in water. heard of Shopify.

For a long time, Chinese sellers have not been the

Most important customers of Shopify. Even before 2018, Shopify didn’t even have any employees in the Chinese market. In a modest and prudent, learning attitude to learn the experience and technology of developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, you nee a channel to see the world, and you nee to find resources through  Google to Accounting Directors Email Lists see what European and American cross-border sellers are doing, instead of staring at Baidu and searching for outdate content put together by domestic meia. You nee to learn and progress through YouTube to read the original English content. Of course, if you really disdain.

C Level Executive List

Google and YouTube, or simply look down on Apple

Google,Amazon, and Tesla, maybe cross-border entrepreneurship is not suitable for you. The third condition is the ability to think independently. In fact, most sellers in the cross-border e-commerce industry lack independent thinking ability The third-rate magic stick can become a first-rate god and keep harvesting leeks. However, the reason EC Lists why the third-rate is a third-rate is that his thinking, moral quality and understanding have never been able to improve. and habitually follow the trend, so they are very easy to be biased by some media.

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