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To be more specific, pay attention to the daily sales of this product. If you have a programming mindset, you will think about how to get the actual daily data on the platform. Taking Amazon as an example, grab the daily inventory, set up automat tasks, track for 2 weeks, and roughly calculate the daily ruction of the product through the change in inventory. , you can evaluate the actual sales of this product. , and then make a decision. The same is true for AliExpress. Use python crawlers to grab.

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Track for 1-2 weeks, get the number of orders per day, and then subtract yesterday’s from today’s total orders, which is roughly this product The actual daily sales volume of the company, and the daily sales trend for a period of time, you probably know it in your heart. If you have studi programming technology and have a certain level of technological innovation thinking, you will VP Risk Email List think of how to use technology to improve work efficiency. For example, the automation function of python can automatically process orders, process purchases, process inventory synchronization updates, process email sending, and so on. The same is true in life.

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Himself in order to improve his English listening ability. The IELTS listening ability improv from 5 points to 8 points, and finally he could easily understand English technical conferences . Reference website: In my opinion, learning programming technology is more about cultivating technical innovation thinking. To be honest, even if you are not engag in cross-border e-commerce relat industries, I would suggest learning some basic programming knowlge. AliExpress keeps rejecting Chinese crit card EC Lists payments, is there any solution? The previous question mention why AliExpress refus crit card payments in China. In fact, AliExpress nes real trading customers.