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Because in my opinion, Google is the direction, the direction of traffic, and the direction of innovation. All aspects of cross-border entrepreneurs rely heavily on Google’s various products and innovative technologies. Google Voice provides cross-border entrepreneurs with free US phone numbers, no monthly fees, and calls to the US and Canada do not cost a penny. This kind of business strategy is a bit unbelievable in our fix thinking. How can it be completely free? But actually, it’s completely free. On the other hand, Google Cloud provides a $300 bonus to global users. With this bonus, you can use.

Google Cloud’s various innovative technology

Applications for free, from artificial intelligence deep learning technology to traditional hosting services. Experience Google Cloud’s innovative technical operations for free. Whenever it comes to Google, someone always compares Baidu to it. To be honest, I really don’t like Baidu very much. I just want to remind cross-border entrepreneurs that what you are doing is cross-border VP Compliance Email Lists business, and it is a business that deals with cross-border. In any case, stay away from Baidu, use Google to find what you want, use Google to learn innovation, use Google to get your traffic, and use Google to make money.

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Does registering a US trademark mean a brand

Product Many people mistakenly confuse a trademark with a brand. Registering a US trademark does not mean that you have your own brand products. Affect by Amazon’s global store opening policy, Amazon’s brand registration policy intends to list US trademarks as the initial threshold for Amazon’s store opening. Sellers without a U.S. trademark or U.S. trademark authorization cannot complete brand registration, and will be subject to some restrictions on product protection. In order EC Lists to avoid price wars, Amazon’s hijacking policy has prompt more and more sellers to only sell their own trademark brand products.