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I can conditionally divide all our readers into several groups: curious – people who do nothing with their own hands, but like to look at the site, look at beautiful pictures, flip through the pages, read and get inspir. In particular, this is exactly why our club appear on facebook: to always be in touch, in active communication, to cooperate and generate ideas, to exchange plans and keep abreast, to know each other by sight and not get lost in the abundance of necessary information. Let’s dwell in more detail on the segment of entrepreneurs? What are the main benefits of the project for those who are professionally engag in nelework and build their business on its basis? On what terms.

The most important profit that Handicraft runet

Can give to entrepreneurs is contact with a high-quality thematic audience of our project. More than 90% of our audience are women over 18 years old, and more than 75% are women over 25 years old, that is, for the most part, people with an establish life and with a stable South Africa Phone Number List income. This audience is interest in thematic advertising and it positively perceives, for example: announcements of goods for descriptions, master classes, seminars; announcements of various thematic events, exhibitions, webinars; announcements of books, presentation of thematic sites and blogs.

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You can declare yourself on the Handicraft runet

Both for a fee and for free. There are many different ways to do this. For example, we will publish a one-time feature article for free. It could be: a small free master class or description; useful advice (personal experience); an article about your thematic blog or site with a EC Lists selection of works; an article about your thematic community or group in the social network; for masters – a business card – personal or his store (at the fair of masters, etsy, raveli, etc.) with a selection of works; information about thematic event, exhibition; any other quality feature article.