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Statistics from Datanyze show that the top three players in the global online payment industry are PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay. What is Dropshipping? 9 steps to teach you how to use Dropshipping to develop cross-border e-commerce business78 Payment can enable Stripe and PayPal as payment methods by default. About Stripe, please refer to ” Choose PayPal or Stripe?” Compliance is king and professionalism wins. A comprehensive interpretation of the independent self-built website cross-border e-commerce collection solution ” article.

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Can’t figure out the collection cost of independent website I made a  account .” After calculation, WooCommerce with the US version of Stripe has the lowest cost. What is Dropshipping? 9 steps to teach you how to use Dropshipping to develop cross-border e-commerce business 79 Standalone Collection Cost Calculator PayPal The charging standard is 4.4% + USD 0.3 per transaction; if the amount of payment is large, you can get Singapore WhatsApp Number List a preferential rate of 3.4% + USD 0.3 per transaction; currency conversion fee: bas on the wholesale exchange rate plus 2.5%, withdrawing to domestic or US banks, each $35 for a pen. Do business in over 200 countries and support a total of 25 currencies.

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American Express, JCB and MasterCard, etc. It is easy to apply, whether it is an individual or a company. Stripes Charge standard 2.9% + USD 0.3 per transaction; international card charges 1%; currency exchange fee: 1%; cash withdrawal: free. You can only do business in 26 countries and support 135 different currencies. Almost all known EC Lists debit and crit cards are accept as well as the following e-wallets: including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, Microsoft Pay, Visa Checkout and WeChat, etc. It is difficult to apply and the threshold is high. It is not open to users in mainland China. Only account openings in the Unit States, Hong Kong, and Germany are accept.