Seasonal Dates Advance Preparation for Marketplaces

Seasonal dates have been a powerful fuel for accelerating retail sales for a long time , and this situation is no different in online stores. Taking advantage of the most attractive seasonal calendar for your business makes it possible not only to boost sales, but also to keep the desire for consumption active, increase the average ticket and win new customers. To ensure that your online store exploits the full potential that seasonal dates have to offer, it is essential to plan ahead. What will you find in this article Before explaining the relationship between seasonality and virtual stores present in marketplaces, it is worth clarifying what seasonal dates are and how they differ from commemorative dates.

Starting with commemorative dates they relate

To different situations and audiences, from a historic moment to the celebration of a profession. Commemorative dates can become seasonal only if they gain relevance in terms of sales and media exposure. Seasonal dates , in turn, are temporary President Email Lists periods that are relevant to the market and the media. To make it easier to understand, Chocolate Day is a commemorative date, while Mother’s Day is a seasonal date. Having made this introduction, seasonal dates on marketplaces are a great opportunity for sellers to scale their sales in specific periods of the year.


With online shopping in full swing

And the great visibility offered by digital malls, the virtual store that knows how to take advantage of seasonal dates in favor of its business can only win. WHAT ARE THE MAIN SEASONAL DATES FOR OPERATING IN MARKETPLACES Advance EC Lists planning is crucial to ensure seasonal dates bring the expected result, so knowing which dates to take advantage of is the first step. In addition to fixed seasonal dates , which always happen on the same day, it is worth paying attention to dates that can change according to the year.

Product on your independent website and get

Gtmetrix can give a relatively fair rating, but there is also a misunderstanding. From the perspective of identity recognition, there is no doubt that American companies are easier to be recognized by customers and the market. In terms of entering the platform, there is almost no threshold for the identity of American companies. Such as hypersku , spocket . At present, whether it is the oberlo plug-in supported by shopify or the alidropship plug-in supported by woocommerc, the vast majority of dropshipping procurement channels are still the AliExpress platform. Two reasons: 1. Most of the global supply comes from China; 2. Relatively cheap.

The whole process is roughly like this, if you don’t use plug-ins

When you sell a certain, you need to manually find the corresponding product on AliExpress, and then place an order for payment. Usually, the payment will be required to use an overseas credit card payment channel. For the sake of fair competition and risk control, AliExpress President Email Lists usually does not accept all kinds of credit cards issued by domestic banks. After all, AliExpress’ real customers are all from overseas, and domestic buyers can place orders through Taobao and Tmall. Therefore, overseas credit cards have become a stumbling block for some dropshipping sellers.

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Of course, this method is relatively cumbersome

Every time you get an order, you have to go to AliExpress to place an order and pay separately. Obviously, this method is not efficient. Therefore, there are third-party dropshipping plugins such as oberle and alidropship. I have written an article detailing dropshipping and mentioned earlier that this is a dropshipping business plugin created by Russians. This plug-in can quickly import products on AliExpress to the website, process orders synchronously, and automatically obtain the tracking number EC Lists of the waybill, which greatly improves the efficiency of product uploading. The procurement process will also be much simpler than the original manual method.