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Read about it in the article “one-page site in the top. Dreams or reality?” the key to the success of sales and the project as a whole is a good product and service. The written truth. But sometimes a good product nes a little (or a lot) help. The packaging and presentation of a product is just as important as its quality. Read about the correct presentation of goods in denis kaplunov’s blog, in the article “how to create a selling image of a product?” in the article “copywriter friend or copywriter foe?” they will tell you how to. Distinguish a professional from an  good copywriting is, don’t we? Good is the marketing that sells without selling.

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Subconscious with the help of special tricks. About this in the article “traps of consciousness” in marketing: the rule of reciprocity, the principle of contrast and other patterns”. Small businesses sooner or later face the ne to analyze their activities. How to start analyzing your business as a whole, read the article “basic business intelligence – the first step for a small business”. Do you want to increase the number of subscribers with webinars? Study the Nigeria Phone Number List material “how webinars increase the subscription base and sales: a lead generation model” and find out what nes to be done so that after each webinar the number of fans steadily increases. Website not for sale.

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Common usability mistakes for commercial websites. Already thinking about creating your own brand? Be sure to read the 10 steps to building an emotional brand guide . This will help to immiately attract the attention of potential customers and gain their trust by acting on the right triggers of the target audience. The first thing we look at in a store EC Lists is the look of the product. Even if it’s an online store. Take care of the correct visual design of your virtual storefront.