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If the video program has a permanent name and you release it at least once a year, then you can register it as a mia (video program) or the site itself as a network mia, but once again I repeat that this is a voluntary matter. Registration of a site with online trainings for ucational mia, including sites that want to receive mia status, a ruc state fee is provid – 2,000 rubles (instead of the usual 10,000 rubles). But nowhere in the laws you will find the concept of such mia and precise criteria. Accordingly, roskomnadzor may approach different sites differently, each time determining whether there is an ucational focus or not. I had the experience of registering non-commercial ucational sites.

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Registering a commercial website with a state duty of 2000 rubles, if it really has an ucational focus. In any case, you do not lose anything, because if the registration authority nevertheless considers that your site must be register according to the general rules, you will not be deni registration, but will return the documents without consideration. Then you New Zealand Phone Number List just ne to pay the difference in the fee and submit the documents again. About the pros and cons a very significant plus is that the founder of the mia will not be responsible for user comments if they go to the site without pre-moderation. This is the main difference between mia sites.

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Registering a site as a mia is critical if the

Resource has a lot of user-generat content. It can beĀ  is acting within the law. To do this, firstly, the moderator himself nes to know the requirements of the law very well. Secondly, not all violations can be detect during the moderation of messages on the site. Yes, the mat can be seen and remov. But, for example, it happens that when reading a comment, the site administrator cannot understand whether the information is true or not, or that EC Lists the user, by posting content, does not violate someone’s copyright. Another plus is that if an abuse of freom of the mia is allow on the site in the comments, roskomnadzor sends you a notification about this, and you have a day to delete such a comment or it it. If this is done, then there will be no adverse consequences.