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Macbook to handle daily work efficiently Learn some operating system knowlge Learn some basic Linux commands 12 In the past 5 years, Apple’s stock price has risen 5 times, which is relatively satisfactory. According to past performance, there is a high probability that Apple will continue this slow growth trend and continue to rise. However, in terms of investing in US stocks, I am more optimistic about Tesla, which is keen on technological innovation. In my opinion, unmann driving, artificial intelligence, clean energy, and the Starlink network will change the future of mankind. Too much. Of course, I am not a gambler, I can think independently, I can read , and I can be consider cautious in investing. So, since you call yourself an.

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About Apple’s weak growth, well, don’t buy more, just buy a stock to suppress your surprise. It is undeniable that more and more friends around have start to use Macbook computers, which is a wise choice. Thanks to the experience of using MacBook, whenever someone asks about the choice of computer and notebook, no Netherlands WhatsApp Number List nonsense, and the budget is limit, just choose Macbook Air directly. If there are performance requirements, Macbook Pro. Choose Macbook to handle daily work efficiently Learn some operating system knowlge Learn some basic Linux commands 13 There is a saying that without comparison there is no harm.

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Not worth mentioning. Especially when you finally enter the world of MacOS from Windows and gradually get us to MacOs, you will gradually realize the excellence of Apple products. MacOS has faster response, easy operation, elegant and simple interface, and more user-friendly software design, even without installing any anti-virus software. MacOs helps you spend your time wisely, without worrying about various system freezes, various pop-up windows, anti-virus, Trojan horse checking, disk defragmentation, system optimization, reinstallation, patching, etc. No matter EC Lists how rogue software is, it has to be resign when it comes to macOS. Bas on the clos ecosystem, rogue software has no use for Mac. Since 2015, I have gradually switch from Windows to Macbook.