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Freelancers can provide their own skill services to , so as to earn labor income. The sudden pneumonia epidemic has ground people all over the country. The original way of freelancers working from home has become the norm for office workers. Also because of the epidemic, many people were forc to resign or simply chose to resign, becoming veritable freelancers. There are many ways to describe freelancers, such as odd jobs, jobless vagrants, and young people waiting for work, which generally refer to those who have no serious jobs. Also because there is no job, freelancers seem to be derogatory or even discriminatory in the eyes of many people.

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Observation angles, which can be describ in a poem: “Looking horizontally, it looks like a ridge and a side becomes a peak, and the distance and height are different.” The Chunchun teachings of the elders, the most I have heard is: “Son, you have to study hard so that you can become a high-ranking official in the future, earn a lot of money, and stand out Kenya WhatsApp Number List from the crowd.” As for the civil service examination, since 2009, the number of applicants has been more than one million for 11 consecutive years. Obviously, in most people’s minds, the best job is to be a civil.

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Servant and become a national cadre

Of course, as it is written in “The Besieg City”: “People surround by the city want to escape, and people outside the city want to rush in.” But it’s not the happiest job. A few years ago, I read a ” Investigation Report on the Ranking of the Happiest Occupations in China “. In fact, I can also provide WordPress site building services, SEO optimization services, animation production services, article writing services, US company registration services and various EC Lists work services on Fiverr. Considering the limit time and energy and professional ability, but I And carry out work on Fiverr, instead frequently order various work tasks on Fiverr.