With a name for your company is the easiest

Want to be in the top 10 ilya on contextual and target advertising: we understand the nuances inna nikitina on now you can find us on infohit categories business (376) content (34) freelance (35) marketing (138) online learning (61) business psychology (183) tools and services (197) social networks (101) leg8 common mistakes when designing a name for your company february 11, 2017 business , interesting , content , copywriting , useful tips everyone knows the unchanging truth about how to name a boat and what it affects. But until now, we continue to meet incrible, ridiculous, and sometimes terrifying names, slogans, abbreviations of companies on signs, on the net, in the mia.

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With a name for a company becomes almost the most difficult task. And when it is chosen and chosen correctly, then everything seems to work out by itself. The topic is important, interesting and, as it turn out, voluminous. Naming specialist olga rozova, whom we ask to tell us how to choose the right name for the company, did not fit into one material. Today Kazakhstan Phone Number List you will learn about naming errors and, we are sure, you will look forward to the second part. “coming up  thing to do!” — thinks most of the start-up entrepreneurs. It’s a delusion. Because in the process, you face a lot of complexities in the process that no one has talk about before.

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Taught in universities and in courses for aspiring entrepreneurs. Let’s fill in the gaps! If you have your own project, then after you have come up with a name for it, think about marketing. And we have an excellent free marketing course for private professionals that will help you approach this issue systematically. You can download it right now or after the article get lessons I would like to immiately warn that this article is about how not to EC Lists do it. We will talk about how to come up with a name for your company in the next article. In this checklist, we have collect the main “Rookie mistakes” in naming.