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In the cross-border e-commerce industry, it seems that you don’t know what is Shopify , what is WooCommerce , and what is Dropshipping , so you are a bit outdat. Frankly speaking, the current development of independent self-built websites in China is false . In terms of independent websites, compar with overseas sellers, domestic sellers do not have much advantage at all. An independent station nes to build a website by itself, solve the payment collection problem by itself, and improve the trust of the website. The biggest difficulty lies in how to obtain traffic.

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Platform will more or less give some accurate natural traffic, and you don’t have to worry about how to collect money, if you improve the trust of the store. This has form a completely different form of domestic sellers and European and American sellers engag in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Most domestic sellers are keen to open stores on the platform, especially the Amazon Hungary WhatsApp Number List platform, which is simple and fast, so there is a saying that more than 75% of the sellers on the Amazon platform worldwide are from China (2021 data). European and American sellers take advantage of their own language advantages, the advantages of better understanding of.

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The advantages of being able to open stripes as a low-cost  advantages of being good at wordpress, woocommerce, and shopify. The trust of European and American customers in the crit card payment system has built millions of independent self-built websites. In particular, the number of independent stations in the Unit States far exces the total number of other countries in the world. Of course, according to third-party sales statistics, the sales revenue of independent stations in the Unit States also accounts EC Lists for 60% of the total global sales revenue. So do domestic sellers want to be independent stations, or continue to compete on major platforms? We have been talking about this issue for over a year.