Reflect the semantic content of the mica file

It turns out something like this: “1:01:15 – we begin to disassemble the engine.” youtube automatically converts the value “1:01:15” into a link, clicking on which the user will go to the desir video fragment. Content with internal links is very useful, don’t neglect it! Video title and snippet up to 30-40% of traffic to your channel comes through the youtube service “relat videos” (column on the right when watching a video). Therefore, it is important not only to find the right seo query, but also to turn it into a colorful enticing headline.

If possible do not use punctuation marks

Inside the title (this rule is only relevant for yandex). A snippet on youtube displays about the first 100 characters of the video description, so it’s important to grab the user’s attention with it (and also include a query in it, since the snippet is us in youtube and google searches). Playlist promotion open your youtube channel. If you’ve never structur it before, you’ll see the name of the channel, the last video post, and a chronological list Hong Kong Phone Number List of dozens (or even hundrs) of videos post. Unstructur videos look like a mess, in which it is difficult to navigate and find what you ne, not only for the user, but sometimes even for the owner. Will the user subscribe to such a channel? Hardly. For the primary structuring of videos on youtube, playlists are provid: they allow you to combine.

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videos of the same subject into groups

There are two ways to add videos to playlists: go to the video manager, playlists tab and click the “Add playlist” button: create a playlist on youtube create a new playlist through the video manager or create a playlist when adding a video: how to create a playlist create a new playlist when adding a video details can be found in the help . But the playlist has another useful property that is not list in the help! Since this is a page with a unique url, it can also EC Lists be promot in search engines. Requests are select as for a single video, but it is better to use more common keys. For example, there are 10 english lessons in your playlist.