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TRAINING TEAM “MARKETING FROM THE BASICS” April 25, 2016 Online training Today I want to introduce you to the Marketing from the Basics training team. I’ll start with myself 🙂 MariaI am a marketing specialist by ucation, I have been working in this field for about 14 years. At first it was an office that I said goodbye to as a marketing director. Then a few years of freelancing, after which I decid to take up consulting. And for 4 years now I have been doing a marketing project for microbusiness. Training “Marketing from the basics” is where it all began. I came up with it in 2012 and now I am collecting the fourth stream.

This training is my pride, it contains “everything

That is acquir by overwork”: all the achievements, findings, experience of me and my students. In addition to “Marketing from the Basics”, there are 4 more marketing and copywriting trainings in my program, about 500 people have already complet them. Besides work, I have a  family. not only marketing, but also her all sorts of school tricks. I love to read, make handmade France Email List jewelry (I made them for sale for about 6 years), cook, and I am fond of right-brain drawing. I want to build a house near St. Petersburg and I am moving towards this goal with a cheerful step.

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Training is not only webinars This is a huge

Individual work with each of the participants. We carefully study your project, check and comment on homework, find fault with the little things  and give advice, come up with ideas for you, find additional materials, share contacts and just provide psychological support and motivation. We are me and the curators of the training. I will be working with people who have as much EC Lists experience in marketing and business as I do. To be honest, I am very proud that I was able to get them in my team. CURATOR At some point, I realiz: there is so much work at the training that it is difficult for me alone to give full feback to all participants. Freelance Marketing even had to limit group size. But I want to make the most of it.