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In 2022, this annual event is expect to become one of the most profitable of the year, for any e-commerce or online store. Therefore, in this post we are  can carry out to create a Black Friday SMS campaign that has an impact and considerably benefits your online business. Shall we start? Relevant data you ne to know before creating your Black Friday SMS campaign Black Friday began as an event that last only one day. But as with everything, times change and with the intention of extending this opportunity, to increase sales and make the most of the demand for promotions and discounts, it has last almost two weeks.

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Stores or businesses that join this event start launching their discount campaigns a week before, and continue to make the most of the occasion until Cyber ​​Monday. Therefore, it is key to start planning your strategy several weeks before the event. In fact, early offers allow you to get more sales and stand out from your competition. You will play with Egypt WhatsApp Number List advantage. What are the data that you have to take into account the most? Thanks to SaleCycle we have access to very relevant data that can help us define how to carry out our action and communications plan for Black Friday.

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Following infographic has been extract from a study that analyz more than 59 million online purchases and 487 million e-commerce sessions. black friday sms Why do you have to set up an SMS campaign for Black Friday? If this is not your first SMS campaign, you will know why it is very important that you consider this means of communication for Black Friday. On the other hand, if it is your first time, we will explain the 3 reasons why we EC Lists recommend that you start planning an SMS marketing campaign for Black Friday. 1 The average rate of CTR (number of clicks on links add to text messages) The CTR of SMS is 19%. In email communications, the CTR reaches 4%. These numbers let us know how effective the impact of a text message advertising campaign is.