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They knew about the style itself – it was not ilyakhov who invent it – but they did not use it, because they massively tri to get away from the clerk and officialdom, and apart from dan kenny’s rollicking tricks, there were no other obvious alternatives. Most believ that this was the way it should be – write brightly, hit it painfully, there were no other options. Ilyakhov came and in some places it is controversial, but he prov the right of the information style to exist in business. Business agre (not all) and began to use (not very skillfully, but still). Until there is a strong thematic community on facebook or somewhere else, people do not know that they ne it. They don’t even always feel the lack.

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Platform for like-mind people to communicate, and the platform acquires a loyal audience of thousands, if, of course, it’s worth it. From personal messages, chats, instant messengers, people crawl into the open air and begin to communicate. Before the advent of decent paid mailing, people don’t even think that they will pay for receiving letters Ecuador Phone Number List in the mail – there are already too many of them! But then, for example, sergey korol appears with a newsletter about useful network finds , and people subscribe. Not millions yet, but not one and a half diggers.

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Be able to blindly follow the course set by the audience. Yes, understanding the nes of the client and knowing where they live will make the job easier, but one way or another, you have to create demand. And it is long and difficult. What to do step by step?  have heard yet. Everything is obvious: tell about yourself, give back, be useful, captivate and EC Lists motivate, and in 6-12 months you will receive your stable flow of applications. Maybe ten a day, maybe one a month, depending on your niche, your product, the length of the deal cycle, and your efforts.