Become a first-rate god and keep harvesting

Therefore, you ne a channel to see the world, and you ne to find resources through Google to see what European and American cross-border sellers are doing, instead of staring at Baidu and searching for outdat content put together by domestic mia. You ne to learn and progress through YouTube to read the original English content. Of course, if you really disdain Google and YouTube, or simply look down on Apple, Google, Amazon, and Tesla, maybe cross-border entrepreneurship is not suitable for you. The third condition is the ability to think independently. In fact, most sellers in the cross-border e-commerce industry lack independent thinking ability and habitually follow the trend, so they are very easy to be bias by some mia.

Follow what others say, and be fool by the big-selling

Big coffee masters packag by various circles of friends. Face up to yourself, big sellers have the practices of big sellers, and the resources they master are beyond the reach of small sellers. If you try to use the routines of big sellers and follow the route of big sellers, you will Djibouti Email List not be far from exiting. Okay, no more nonsense. This article is mainly about storytelling. The original story is from here v=J6fXWsMMPDc That’s it for today, I don’t have time to chat with you all. I have to hurry up to build an independent e-commerce website and sell [hats] to these extremely smart bosses.01 Frequently.

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Ask Questions on Cross-Border Entrepreneurship

Updat: May 11, 2020 5/5 – ( 1 vote ) After writing a blog for so long, I have receiv a lot of inquiries and help from readers, and there are so many problems. It simply took some time to summarize and list these questions that have been ask or thought of. This is quite a time-consuming EC Lists and energy-consuming thing, and as time goes by, the answers I make may not be accurate answers. Remember, don’t follow the trend, don’t follow blindly, I am not a master, what I say may not be right. The third-rate magic stick canĀ  leeks. However, the reason why the third-rate is a third-rate is that his thinking, moral quality and understanding have never been able to improve.