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Access the free trial click here → LABSMOBILE FREE TRIAL We also offer you a personaliz advice service and free support. You sign up?SMS Node n8n LabsMobile sms LabsMobile n8n 5 (100%) 12 votes The n8n workflow automation platform already has the LabsMobile SMS message service From now on you will be able to send SMS messages through the LabsMobile node within the n8n platform. Follow the link below to create a new account: Register . In fact, to better understand the importance of Black Friday, take a look at these data: Black Friday event of the year Represents 30% of annual retail sales It takes place a month before.

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Consequently, boosts sales Likewise, over time Black Friday has become more important, especially after the increasing digitization of businesses as a result of the pandemic. 2 Open rate (ratio of messages sent by messages open and read by customers): According to studies carri out, the opening rate of an SMS is 94%. We are much more us to Croatia WhatsApp Number List receiving emails, rather than SMS, which is why they tend to attract more attention from users. In addition, by being short, clear and direct, they can quickly assess whether they are interest or not. 3 42% of shoppers prefer to receive SMS : Many consumers expect to receive Black Friday communications via SMS.

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Prefer to receive SMS before other communications. Good practices in SMS campaigns for Black Friday To send an SMS campaign with promotions or discounts, you will have to take several factors into account, which will make it easier for your users to interact with your SMS and end up purchasing your product on sale. 1 CLEAR AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Sending EC Lists an email is not the same as sending an SMS, mainly because of the space available to transmit your message. The SMS has a limitation of characters that you must take into account when writing a sales text that generates results.