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Payoneer users’ funds are almost stolenPayoneer users’ funds are almost stolen. Before we begin, let’s talk about the philosophical topic of “human nature is inherently good” or “human nature is inherently evil”. The beginning of the “San Zi Jing” says that “people are inherently good”, which means that people are born with kindness. But because of the influence of the acquired environment, evil thoughts will arise. Xunzi’s thinking is just the opposite. He believes that people are born evil, because they learn morality and distinguish right from wrong, so they know what to do and what not to do.

There is no right or wrong in the two arguments, and

What they have in common is that the good and evil of human nature are determined by acquired. Environmental influences. To put it simply, when you are in a vicious environment of intrigue, intrigue, flattery, and oppression all day long, and are struggling to make a living all day long, the strong desire for profit will often make people lose their way, and vice versa. It is not difficult to understand that whether it is cross-border e-commerce or other industries, there will be all kinds of unscrupulous and Costa Rica Email List bottomless things for the sake of profit. Xunzi believed that human nature is inherently evil, and that people love profit and seek food. Everyone is “hungry and desires food, cold and desires warmth, tired and desires rest, loves profit and hates harm.

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This is what people are born with.” Because

Everyone has the pursuit of material desires, which is inherent in nature and natural without needing to learn, it is this pursuit of material desires that determines the evil of human nature. Sima Qian said: The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the chaos of the world is for profit. I think this sentence is really good, this is the reality of utilitarianism, naked and unobstructed. Okay, let’s not talk EC Lists about it, the old people have said a lot of wise words, I just want to use this passage of human nature to remind be on high alert to guard against all kinds of malice. This is very important, such as the following event.