Instagram is back to prioritizing photos in feeds

From time to time, Instagram introduces changes: some loved and others not so much, but have you noticed that recently photos are appearing more frequently in the feed? What made the photos shrink? With the advancement of TikTok, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform made several changes to its dynamics to circumvent the success of the competitor: creation of 60-second stories, awards for creators, full-screen layout and, above all, the highlight for reels.

The change bothered older users a lot as the feed

Became dominated by videos, leaving photos, the initial idea and until then central to the platform, in the background. With public rejection, the CEO of the app assumed that in 2022 the focus on videos was very high and that, in 2023, the team is working Chief VP Compliance Email Lists on a more balanced version, where photos will once again have more feed space. Although there is confirmation that photos will always be part of the platform, Adam Mosseri also warned that the most relevant content, with more.


engagement have priority in the feed and videos

End up achieving more popularity. He believes that we will have more and more videos on the platform, but he understands that Instagram’s role EC Lists is to cherish its heritage and provide the necessary support so that the photos remain, in a balanced way that pleases everyone.