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An interesting story about web pages and their structure. Was told to us by project manager natalya rumyantseva in an understandable language. What do we know about websites other than what they are? How is it done? What is outside the browser page? The average user knows little about this. However, if you are fac with the task of creating your own website, it is better to try to understand the issue. Without basic knowlge, it is difficult to draw up a competent technical task, reach an understanding with the  overpaying or spending money on something that you do not ne.

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Recipes and cannot be. It all depends on the goals and objectives. It’s like with clothes – it must be select according to the figure, according to the season, according to the weather and with a clear understanding of where and what is appropriate to wear. Same with  the site. Your Burundi Email List goals, objectives, resources Page Not Found and opportunities determine the choice. Navigating the diversity is not easy, but it is a matter of time and desire. Let’s start with the basics website – literally from english “A place on the web.” this is a collection of web pages on the internet.

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Specific owner (organization or individual). The world’s first site – info.Cern.Ch – appear in 1991 (the site was recently restor and is now available to users again). Its creator tim berners-lee is rightfully consider the “Father of the internet”, he develop the world’s first browser, http, url, html technologies and much more, which determin the development of the world wide web. Any site is a set EC Lists of code that describes how the elements should behave. As if the drawings were transmitt by a set of commands to the artist, explaining where his hand was moving.