Budget and the constant struggle with the assessors

This is something I didn’t choose. Then there was a point when I dropp out of three universities, and then I decid that I ne a higher ucation. I took the path of least resistance, found the institute of foreign languages, realiz that I might survive in this institution. By that time I was working. I want to go to french, I submitt documents there, but they told me that if I went to learn english, then they would immiately take me to the second year. I figur to myself – I was over 20 then – that this is minus a year and minus some amount of money, and I agre. Again, it wasn’t really my choice. Then I translat for a long time, work hard, earn good money, for ten years everything went steadily, with a tendency to fade in the end. And the time came when I want to do something completely different.

I spent several years looking for what

I would like to do, then. Another year – in an – and crash. I said to myself: “masha. Nothing is working out for you, you are tir like a dog, there is no money, the prospects are vague, what can you do right now?” the question was put squarely. During this period, after 10 years of good earnings, I was financially dependent, it torment me very Austria Phone Number List much. I honestly look at what is there, and what did I see? Of course, english. I realiz that I can teach. I start the same way as so many people whom I now scold for it.

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Attempt to realize one of my creative ideas

I still feel a little embarrass in front of my first clients. But I was attentive to what I was doing and how people respond to it, and after a while I start getting good feback. And, of course, I went to get additional ucation. And then there was a project? No. actually, it’s very funny. People often write to me in the comments: “here is a person who is passionate EC Lists about his work, a real fan of his work!” the project was actually born from the fact that I sat down and told myself that I was not getting what I want. In fact, what I’m doing now is a plan b, a plan in case of failure. Failure happen – and I began to do what I could.