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In early versions, programmers wrote “Engines” individually for each site, later universal cms appear. Now there are many of them, including open source (you can freely make any changes), which greatly facilitat the life of a simple web user. Everything is going to ensure that any person who is able to use a computer can make a website for himself without resorting to the help of specialists. Sait4but the main problem along the way was creating a template without knowing the code. We ne some kind of graphic itor like photoshop.

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Familiar interface And a big step in this direction was made just by adobe (the manufacturer of photoshop). Adobe creat the muse product. It is both a program for creating websites (no code knowlge is requir) and a cms. Website developers panick, it seem that a little more and Antigua and Barbuda Email List their services would be no longer ne. But, fortunately, the panic was in vain, because even if the user can make the site himself, it is not a fact that he wants to. In addition, working in muse requir deep knowlge of the program.

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Without special knowlge, sites made on muse can only be upload to adobe hosting, and if you ne to transfer to another hosting, or even more so to another platform, then a specialist is already ne here. So, the idea to make the site itself fail. But progress does not stand still. And the next significant step in this direction was website builders. Pros and cons of website builders website builders EC Lists are complex services that provide domain support services, hosting, and a universal drag-and-drop itor with an intuitive interface.  that element. You just select it in the menu and drag it to the right place, set the color, size, font, etc.