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No, you don’t have to buy a fancy laptop and the latest phone. But when the computer hangs, it is a disaster and unnecessary inconvenience not only for you, but also for customers. Appearance . And, as a rule, you do not take into account that the site is, first of all, the structure and functionality, determin by how the site is made, that is, its cms (colloquially referr to as the “engine”), and only then beauty.You order a landscape with a winter forest, they sent you a text: “a point 5 mm from the ge of the sheet, 4 mm to the right and up, etc.” the “Inside” of any program is different from what we see on the screen. On the screen – only an imitation of the familiar form, express in computer code.

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Then it is not a sheet, not a page of a book (namely, such associations occur most often in the user), but rather a voluminous multi-storey building connect by a large number of communications. Choosing cms! A site is a set of graphic elements, text documents, hyperlinks, etc. And in order for these pieces of the puzzle to come together in the correct order, web layout is us. The site code Antarctica Email List can be seen if you “View page code” from the drop-down menu. Previously, in order to make any changes to the site, whether it be text content or design elements, it was necessary to know html (“hypertext markup language”). But at some point, a real revolution took place – cms systems were invent to facilitate the work with sites.

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Codes the abbreviation cms stands for content management system (in some sources you can find the variant content management software). Developers in slang call cms “Engine” (which, however, successfully went to the people) or “Platform”. Cms is essentially a EC Lists computer program design to host and it content. It was the emergence and development of cms that made it possible to create websites for users who do not have special knowlge and skills.