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We try to respond to your questions in a timely manner. Recently, lyudmila, a novice psychotherapist, she can start a frequent practice, find clients. Practical psychotherapist nikolai romanov , a specialist in the field of extreme psychology, promptly respond to our request to talk about his work . Psychotherapist nikolay romanov nikolai, tell us about the method of your work, what problems do you help to solve? I work with a very wide spectrum: interpersonal relationships, individual and family psychotherapy sessions, elimination of stress and its causes, work with post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), work with addictions (overweight, alcoholism, drugs, gambling, codependencies), panic attacks, various phobias, split personality, communication skills training.

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I describ safe psychological exercises for independent use in life, there will be more soon. And as a result, one likes this coach, the other likes that one. It’s great to have a choice! For example lana kaznovskaya , she has her own business “A piece of happiness”, cakes to order and Andorra Email List confectionery. In an interview for business in sneakers, I ask her about competitors: it would seem that there are many competitors in this been with her for 7 years, from the very beginning, can you imagine? And they continue to order cakes from lana. So there is something in her cakes that is not in others.

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Lana, inde, the feeling that her project is fill with happiness from the very first step! All your characters also give happiness in some way. And the viewers and readers of your blog – who are they? These same people! For example, we recently spoke with evgenia lyubko, the founder of the pryaniki service, about the fact that for those who work with personnel in large companies, it is very EC Lists important that employees communicate with each other. When there are 200–500 people in a company, people don’t even know who can work next to them.