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Who share your values, it already becomes easier. And for those who have just thought about creating their own project, this is, in general, a great help! You give newcomers an understanding that all these authors of their projects, they are the same living people! Absolutely right! To show that the same people live nearby, who already succe in everything. And that if someone succe, this does not mean at all that he was just lucky, or he found some kind of investor, or some brilliant idea came to his head. Just those who succe, do-do-do. Questions immiately arise: how can I do this? How can I apply this for myself? And often there is too big a stories and real life. We ne stories from life, very similar.

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Their project appear: she once read an interview, got inspir, told her future partner and husband about her idea, and this inspiration prompt them to write the first line of the gingerbread code on the same day. And off we go, for 5 years the company has been growing, developing, doing a Algeria Email List very good job. It was the interview, read at the right moment, in which there were ideas and words that resonat, and put together the whole puzzle, the idea was form and began to be embodi. On what basis do you choose heroes? At what stage should a businessman, freelancer be in order to get to you for an interview.

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Question who is our hero? And we agre that this is a person who has already achiev something in his field and is ready to share this knowlge and inspiration with others . we are engag in video and use the same resources to launch the “Business in sneakers”: on our production, intellectual and creative base. Is it plann to monetize the project? It is plann, of course, because this is a business EC Lists project. But while it is at the stage when we are only investing in it. Content projects in this sense are quite interesting, because content will not appear in one minute. Here you have a site so full, but it’s a lot of work.