Listening Mind Hubble and ChatGPT

Looking at ChatGPT’s amazing writing abilities, you might think. That marketing writing is no longer a concern, but it’s not that simple. Is it really a problem that I just let the AI ​​write on the topic. I think and post it, and it ends with that?

In the end, we need to accurately check what consumers ask us, create the necessary content according to the consumer’s intention, and eventually be exposed at the top of search engines to induce the action we want through the content we provide. Therefore, marketing writing does not end with simply posting one article easily. Even if it doesn’t lead to a purchase right away, we need to gain consumer’s trust by providing what the customer wants properly.

Search path before and after latte making

To this end, we will use Listening Mind Hubble to accurately Albania Email Lists identify the topics consumers want. For example, I’m going to start writing content to put in a related web page with the topic “Making Latte”.

First, in order to find out what people are curious about about making latte, I searched for “making latte” in Listening Mind Hubble’s Pathfinder. If you look at the search results like this, you can see that there are various paths before and after “making latte”.

After this, through the persona view function, it is discovered that there is a persona related to latte art making, and it is decided to group them together to plan one content, and put this search keyword cluster into ChatGPT to ask for questions and answers.

Here’s how to draw a latte art heart.

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After searching for latte making, search for interest groups related to “latte art” through persona view
The prompt used for this is as follows. Below is the content obtained through this process. This content is content that has not been reviewed at all. The image in the middle is an image created with Midjourney Version5.

Q: How to make latte foam (steam)?

A: To make latte froth (steam), use a steam wand (steam nozzle) to heat milk while mixing air. The temperature of the milk is about 60-65 degrees, and the size and density of the. Bubbles are controlled by operating the steam wand near the surface of the milk or inserting it a little deeper.

Q: What is the principle of latte art?

A: The principle of latte art is to use the difference in density between EC Lists  espresso and steamed milk. Since steamed milk has a lower density than espresso, it floats on top of the espresso, and you can use it to draw various pictures or patterns.