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Distribut under a free license and constantly updat. You can find thousands of templates, plugins, add-ons for wordpress in the public domain. This engine is easy to install and use, does not require special technical knowlge. To create a website on wordpress, you only ne to pay for the cost of the domain and hosting – the price range for different hosters, domain name registrars and their intermiaries is quite large, but in general, these are insignificant costs. You can also add a new user (author, itor or administrator), set the time zone, date and time format, select the site language. Picture. General site settings. General site settings writing.

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Headings on a business card site, they are relevant for blogs and news portals, the post format, the publication of articles via e-mail (for example, if there is no access to the site admin panel). The list settings can be left as default. However, it is important to write update services Albania Email List that wordpress automatically sends links to creat or modifi posts. For your convenience, we have compil a list of some services. There are  use a large number so as not to create unnecessary load on the server. Picture. Publication settings. Publish settings reading.

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Recent posts or a static page. What else can be done for internal optimization is written in the article ” how to turn a site into candy” . Step 6install theme there are thousands of free and paid themes creat for wordpress – design templates . All! congratulations, you’ve creat a wordpress site! To do this, it took you several hours and a small financial investment to pay for the domain and EC Lists hosting. Then you can add an individual design, technically optimize and refine the site by contacting specialists or by yourself, having studi additional information.