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There I publish my notes about my own and other methods of psychological self-help. What can you advise a novice psychotherapist: what mistakes to warn against? What is especially worth paying attention to? It is better to start with practical courses specifically for psychologists, where they will talk about specific methods of work, as well as with the development of minimal theory, then more theory and again practical courses. All the time to learn and improve. And keep practicing. As in any activity: you become an expert only through constant actions towards the goal. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

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It is necessary to develop a system of behavior with the client in advance: how to behave, how to address the patient, how to confirm the answers, gently not allow the client to be distract from painful topics. Always start from the desire to help people. The first clients will definitely be Afghanistan Email List found in a close environment, and if you really help them, they will tell their friends and acquaintances, and they will tell theirs. Word of mouth and live reviews work best. At least for me. You ne to find a customer traffic channel that is convenient for you – and this is not necessarily online, as it turn out in my case.

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This direction. And someone, on the contrary, will be closer to communication in the network. You ne to talk about yourself where you are known and listen to, where EC Lists you feel comfortable talking. We thank nikolay for the story about his practice and advice to novice psychotherapists. If there are psychologists among you who can also tell how they build communications with clients and how they monetize their project, we will be happy to hear their opinion in the comments.