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For a business card site, a static page is better suit (for example, “About the company”, “About me”). First it nes to be creat. How to do this, see step 7. The rest of the settings can be left unchang. Reading settings. Reading settings discussion .  we leave these settings unchang. Then you can remove the comment form from all pages of the site. To do this, go to the “Pages / all pages” section, select the desir page, hover over it and click on “Properties”. Uncheck “Allow comments” and click on the “Update” button. How to remove the comment form from the page comment settings mia files : images, video and audio files.

This section displays settings for images only

Leave them as standard. It is recommend to upload video and audio files to third-party resources (for example, youtube) so as not to slow down the site. Permalinks . This is the url (link) of pages and posts. We recommend that you select the “Post name” option. If there is a news Slovenia Phone Number List block or author’s articles on the business card site, then it is better to select the last line “Random” and fill in the field, as shown in the picture. The following type of link will be obtain: site name / post title.Html. Setting up permalinks. Setting up permalinks it is also advisable to upload robots.

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Txt a text file requir to restrict search engines from

Accessing certain data. It contributes to better search engine optimization. An example of such a file can be found here . Installing plugins plugins are independent modules that are install on the site to enhance its functionality and optimization. You can install them directly from EC Lists the site console. Setting up permalinks installing plugins you ne to choose only the most necessary extensions for the site, so as not to overload the database. We have compil a list of essential plugins that will certainly come in handy to get start, regardless of the specifics of the site.

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