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Adding the workforce with the right tools is essential to ensure high performance and obtain results. This practice becomes even more necessary for those who have digital businesses in large marketplaces, as any mistake can impact the company’s reputation, affect the ranking of its ads and, consequently, reduce sales. Aware of such importance, Magis5 created a hub capable of automating and integrating marketplace sales processes on a single platform. The idea is to simplify your day-to-day life and optimize your time so that you can focus on your company’s strategic issues. Discover, here, the power your company can achieve with Magis5 .

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in this article? [ Show ] WHAT IS MAGIS5? Magis5 emerged from understanding the difficulties and challenges faced by entrepreneurs who manage their stores on various e-commerce platforms. Through automation, the Magis5 hub allows salespeople Board Members Email List to eliminate manual and exhausting tasks with just a few clicks. Since it has been on the market, Magis5 has won important awards and recognition, such as the Diamond Integrator seal at Magalu , the Premium Integrator seal at Shopee and the Gold application certificate at Mercado Livre .


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That only those who rely on Magis can count on. AGILITY WITH ALGORITHMS At Magis5, the algorithm is analyzed to increase our customers’ chances against competitors. This happens because the algorithms have the ability to assess the efficiency of the internal order management , where those that are processed faster and without failures EC Lists are more likely to appear at the top of search results. Therefore, it is important to carry out activities related to invoices, labels and other processes with agility and precision, and this is one of the functions of Magis5. AUTOMATIC PRICING Automatic pricing is a feature that automatically calculates the price based on the relationship between the intended profit and the standard marketplace rates .

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