Iterables Spring Announcements Bringing AI-Powered

Iterables Spring Announcements Bringing  Spring is a time of renewed energy, bright sunshine, cleaning, and connecting with others. It’s a time when we look to the rest of the year with hope and excitement.

At our flagship event, Activate, we were overwhelmed. With excitement as we announced the latest innovations coming to the Iterable platform.  And, not to brag, the future is bright for marketers using Iterable.

The Cutting-Edge is Upon Us

The world of marketing and communication at large is simultaneously shrinking and advancing at lightning speed. AI-powered tools are empowering marketers to do more with less, revolutionizing the marketing landscape and how we operate. However, with the rapid advancement comes a desire to better measure. Understand, and act on the impact of these AI solutions.

At the same time, digital communication tools are making. It increasingly easy to have a global reach—and brands are trying to follow suit. Marketers have to keep pace with consumers and reach them. On the channels they not only prefer but are actually using.

Add onto all of this, the age-old goal for marketers: personalization. With 32% of brands willing to walk away from a brand due to a single bad experience, it’s imperative brands emphasize personalization even with increasing amounts of data being collected.

With these priorities in mind, we’re excited to announce four KEY features that will propel marketers forward to be the premier cutting-edge strategists in their fields. Let’s get into it.

Iterable’s Spring Product Announcements
Iterable Journey Assist
According to research we conducted with Wakefield Research, almost half of marketers (47%) state that the ability to work more efficiently draws them to use AI in their jobs. Marketers want tools that help them save time and focus more on creating memorable experiences for their customers.

Iterable’s Journey Assist will do just that. With Journey Assist, marketers will now have access to the market’s first prompt-based, AI-powered tool. Whether creating brand new journeys or updating existing ones, marketers can jumpstart and simplify the journey creation process.

Iterable Adds Native WhatsApp
It’s easier than canada number list ever to communicate with friends and loved ones across the globe, and WhatsApp is a huge reason for that. With 2 billion monthly active users, there’s no denying WhatsApp’s pervasiveness and impact on how we stay connected.

By adding WhatsApp to our native channel feature set—alongside SMS, Email, Embedded, and Push—users will be able to build dynamic, personalized messages with images, video, and interactive snippets for richer two-way communications. For brands with a global footprint, the ability to create WhatsApp templates without having to leave the Iterable platform makes connecting with your global audience easier than ever before.

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Smart Segmentation

Everything moves Canada Phone Number List quickly these days—even consumer preferences—so marketers must remain agile. However, 58% of marketers cite complex data systems as a big impediment to owning their data strategy.

In an effort to remove these obstacles, we’re happy to introduce Smart Segmentation, the best way for marketers to get real-time contextual insights for dynamic and precise segmentation. Smart Segmentation makes it easier to combine behavioral, demographic, and rich user data with AI-powered user attributes for more accurate segmentation capabilities. It also introduces intelligent guardrails to avoid common segmentation pitfalls and stay on track.

And, while segmentation can be a technical challenge, Smart Segmentation is built on top of the most flexible data engine so marketers of all technical abilities can build instant segments by activating data on Iterable.

Iterable Brand Affinity Reporting
Not to state the obvious, but connecting with your audience can be difficult if you don’t understand them. That’s where Iterable Brand Affinity comes in, an AI tool that automatically determines a customer’s engagement and affinity labels based on brand engagement.


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