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Of course, the actual situation is that I did not accept the products and services of the service provider, so I finally made a request to China Merchants Bank, the bank that issu my crit card. I refus to pay the request, and China Merchants Bank decisively help me refuse to pay the fee. Facts have prov that PayPal’s mechaniz operation steps do not always protect the interests of consumers unconditionally. Even as an arbitrator, sometimes it is restrict by rules and regulations and makes judgments that are not conducive to protecting consumers. Pay is the last line of defense.

Paying with PayPal although consumers use

PayPal completely free of charge, but sellers ne to bear a large fee, so today, more and more overseas websites refuse to use PayPal to receive payments, and choose to use PayPal with lower fees Stripe, get paid directly from crit card. As a cross-border entrepreneur, whether you are a cross-border platform seller, an independent website seller, an Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists affiliate website owner or a blogger of a personal blog, a crit card that can pay in foreign currency is absolutely necessary. Comparison of Chinese and American crit cards My domestic crit card use experience Let me talk about my crit card experience first. My first crit card was.

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 China Merchants Bank crit card that

I appli for more than 10 years ago. At that time, the limit was only 3,000 yuan, but I was very excit because I could bind a PayPal account and use the US dollar function of the crit card to purchase some overseas services and products. At that time, crit cards were a very strange thing to me, but I always remember that it is important to make repayments before the repayment date every month. Probably many crit card users will have this experience. With EC Lists the first crit card, they will go to other banks to apply for the second, third, fourth… and so on. Apply for a card to send gifts, such as four-piece suits, tea sets, suitcases and the like. I am no exception.

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