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Marketers often grapple with re-engaging audiences. They can spend countless hours evaluating the performance of various campaigns to find good candidates for retargeting. Once they know which campaigns they might want to resend. They likely spend countless more hours choosing the right audience and crafting the right message.

To launch a successful retargeting campaign, you need to know. What users typically respond to in your messaging. And you need to know which users will likely be receptive to a refreshed version of a campaign that they didn’t previously engage with. That’s where Next Best Action shines.

What is Iterable’s Next Best Action?

Next Best Action (NBA) is an AI-powered Iterable feature that can help brands boost customer engagement and loyalty with refreshed campaigns that can be automatically sent to the customers who are prime for retargeting.

Iterable’s NBA feature integrates seamlessly into your existing marketing workflows. By harnessing data from multiple sources, it delivers actionable insights that help re-engage previously engaged customers with a fresh approach. This feature can recommend new content, identify untapped segments within your customer base, and explain the rationale behind these suggestions.

 Here’s how it works:

  • Campaign Analysis: Next Best Action identifies campaigns with lower engagement than expected but ideal candidates for retargeting.
  • User Segmentation: It lists users who didn’t engage as anticipated, offering insights into their past interactions and suggesting why they might have disengaged.
  • Actionable Recommendations: It provides a slate of next best actions, which could include content recommendations, audience insights, and more.
  • Easy Campaign Creation: With one click, you can generate a new campaign based on AI-generated suggestions, giving you a second chance to make an impact.

As a result, NBA provides:

  • Enhanced Customer Experiences: By understanding customer preferences, past behaviors, and current context, NBA russian email address list helps craft interactions that truly resonate, boosting satisfaction and fostering loyalty.
  • Increased Engagement and Conversion Rates: NBA delivers new messaging to previously unengaged users to increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: NBA automates the process of crafting personalized messages, enabling your team to scale efforts without sacrificing quality.
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Next Best Action in, well Action

The interest in retargeting to reach under-engaged audiences is prevalent across all industries. Next Best Action can assist in situations like:

  • Retail: You’ve launched France Phone Number List and promoted a new product to your customers. However, the sales numbers are not where you need them. By revisiting a recently completed promo email, you can leverage NBA to relaunch the email with a new audience list and updated content to re-engage the audience.
  • Entertainment: The summer blockbuster of the year premiered a few weeks ago. The lines were out the door the first few weekends, but now attendance is dwindling. You decide to revisit the SMS sent to promote the movie on the premiere weekend, resend it to a group of fans who didn’t engage with your initial SMS, and change up the content to give it a fresh look and feel.
  • Travel: A travel website partners with a hotel to offer an exclusive deal. While the first email was sent at the beginning of the month, you want to promote it again before the offer expires at the end of the month. By using Next Best Action, you receive a new audience list of those who didn’t engage with the first email and draft a new version featuring the AI recommendation copy suggestions.

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