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Blog, so I am now going to enter a more technical Elevate Your part in which I am going to explain to you how I find niches and how I work on them. To begin with, finding the right niche is the most important thing since, as I told you at the beginning, if the topic doesn’t make money, the only thing you will do is waste your time. What themes make money? Legal downloads, procedures, technology, service directories (best plumbers in XXXXX), education… Well, with those themes in mind, what I do is go around the Hispanic world map looking for the space to enter. To do this, I look for keywords such as “check the”, “best in”, “in Buenos Aires”, “career”.

Universities in other Elevate Your countries

As you can see, they are all phrases to finish industry email list that the SEO tools autocomplete for me with their corresponding volume: In the example above I have simply searched for “best universities” and, as a result, I see that this keyword encompasses: Universities in the search country (Spain). Universities in cities (Madrid). Universities. In other countries (United States). Universities around the world. Universities according to major (medicine) Additionally, the keyword has a good CPC, so I am going to analyze those keywords specifically in Ahrefs to see the competition.

Usually prioritize Mexico Colombia

Ok, things are difficult in Spain, we will EC Lists have to go to Latin. America to see if there are more possibilities. Of all the possible countries, I usually prioritize Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile . The problem is that many other nichers also prioritize them, so it is not so easy to find the space.

Luckily, and with patience, I see that in Chile for the keyword “best universities” there are 3 low DR websites. How to find niches easily And not only that, but in some cases. Its growth curve is very vertical, which means that it has managed. To attract traffic and position itself in a short time. how to analyze the competition.

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