Capture or record your mobile screen on video

How to capture your mobile screen on video? That said. I invite you to continue reading this article. In which you will learn how to do it on an iPhone or an Android and use the Apps that I recommend to be able to remember without problems any procedure you do on your device. This is very useful if you have a blog and want to accompany your content with a video tutorial. With which you can also visually explain the process that you are developing with text as well.

AZ Screen Recorder

Record iPhone screen (iOS)? As I toldĀ email database you before. The reasons that may prompt you to want to save what happens on your Apple mobile on video can be very varied: From being a blogger and wanting to make a video tutorial to wanting, for example, if you are a “gamer”, to save a trick that you have learned and want to show it to other colleagues later. Method 1: through the native tool (if you have “iOS 11” or higher) The first method for Apple devices will not require the installation of any element or software.

Ilos Screen Recorder

will only have to have the iOS 11 operatingĀ EC Lists system installed. Which allows you to use it. If your iPhone or iPad is not yet updated to this version. You will have to go to “Method 2”, which I show you later: How to Record or Capture the Screen of an iPhone (Ios)? Returning to the topic, no matter how easy this process is, we must make some brief adjustments consisting of: 1. Allow your iPhone to use native functionality We will do this through the iOS “Control Center” of this tool from the Control Center.

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