A Bright 2024 A Connected Future

A Bright 2024 A Connected Future While segmentation can be a technical challenge, Smart Segmentation is built on top of the most flexible data engine so marketers of all technical abilities can build instant segments by activating data on Iterable.

Iterable Brand Affinity Reporting

Not to state the obvious, but connecting with your audience can be difficult if you don’t understand them. That’s where Iterable Brand Affinity comes in, an AI tool that automatically determines a customer’s engagement and affinity labels based on brand engagement.

Built to help increase loyalty pakistan contact number list over time, Brand Affinity makes it easier to understand customer affinity for your brand. With this latest enhancement to Brand Affinity, we are providing reporting to empower marketers to measure, understand, and act with strategic insights into what moves the needle toward campaign success.

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Smart Inges co-developed with Hightouch

Smart Ingest, co-developed Taiwan Phone Number List with Hightouch, has officially launched in General Availability (GA). Now, any marketer on Iterable can effortlessly import their data from leading data warehouses in a visual and marketer-friendly experience. With Smart Ingest, marketers can quickly activate new data in experiments, improve audience targeting, and deliver more personalized cross-channel communications—all from the same platform, Iterable, and without the need for engineers, lowering their dependency on technical teams. We are also excited to announce 10 additional data sources are available in open beta so more marketers can benefit from easy marketerer-friendly data activation.

Our Spring product updates come at a time when technology and users are moving quickly and increasing expectations. Through increased efficiency with Journey Assist, richer conversations for global audiences with WhatsApp, agile segmentation with Segmentation, and a deeper understanding of audiences with Brand Affinity Reporting, Iterable users can make longer-lasting connections with customers worldwide—and at scale, too.

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